How to Migrate TAD to NUSA🔧

Tadpole Finance will be rebranded into Nusa and we will have new tokenomics❗️

TAD was the token of Tadpole Finance, our former DeFi project that has established a sustain saving & lending ecosystem. Now, we are going start a new roadmap with new name and new tokenomics in the name of NUSA.

Nusa will develop more DeFi features and broaden its scope in the Web3!

Here are some information about the NUSA token:

  • Redenomination quantity ratio TAD:NUSA = 10:1

Token Distribution:

  • Upcoming Features Reward: 80,000 (40%)
  • Marketing Activities: 20,000 (10%)


  • Requirement to join Nusa Airdrop and many other event. You can say it is a participation ticket to join event.
  • Governance token. In Nusa there is a governance model where the staked Nusa will represent your portion in a protocol revenue distribution weekly / monthly. (Coming soon)
  • More utilities will be developed as more features is being developed.

Here is the simple step by step of how to migrate TAD to NUSA:

1) Visit and click the Migration tab

2) Connect your wallet to the website by clicking the Connect Wallet button on the upper right corner of the web

3) Enter the number of TAD you want to swap (click MAX to enter all your TAD)

4) The NUSA amount will show based on the conversion ratio (click the Metamask button to add new Tokens to your Metamask)

5) Click Swap to convert it to NUSA

6) Confirm the swap on your wallet.

Since TAD will no longer be in any exchanger and will lose its utility, we encourage you to migrate your TAD to NUSA to enjoy NUSA utility in our upcoming features.



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