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4 min readJun 8, 2024

Hi Nusantarian!

As part of our monthly routine, we’d like to keep you updated on our progress each month. Here’s a summary of the growth we experienced in May 2024:

This month, Nusa had the opportunity to participate in a roadshow with Indodax, Bitdax, and IDRX held in two cities: Yogyakarta and Bandung. The event aimed to enhance the community’s knowledge of crypto, the potential of Web3, and trading skills.

Nusa Finance provided education on leveraging DeFi to maximize profits from investors’ crypto assets. Additionally, we introduced new innovations for utilizing NFTs in our NFT Yields services.

The event went smoothly with the attendance of approximately 100 participants, most of whom were college students and traders. This enthusiasm fuels our mission to spread crypto education further, making more young people aware of its potential for digital finance in the future.

We also held a giveaway during the event for participants who followed nusa_finance on Instagram. The prizes were successfully distributed to all the lucky winners.

Which city should we visit next?

In May, we collaborated with WOW Earn, a platform that supports single-sided tokens to provide liquidity, reduce volatility losses, and minimize transaction slippage. Additionally, WOW Earn already has a wallet feature available on 22 blockchains with over 10,000 registered dApps. This platform aims to provide a smooth Web3.0 transaction experience and build healthy and sustainable blockchain applications.

Nusa Finance is now integrated with WOW Earn dApps. Through this collaboration, we hope more people will get to know Nusa Finance and take advantage of our platform to gain benefits from various innovative financial opportunities.

Nusa Finance provides a platform for users to easily earn passive income through NFTs. This month, there is a new collection released by BPS Equity. This time, BPS offers a unique blend of traditional equity shares and NFTs.

In the BPS Equity collection, Nusantarians will benefit from profit sharing with BPS, the amount of which depends on the monthly revenue earned by the BPS company.

Learn more about NFT BPS Equity!

In May, we added around 40 popular tokens on networks such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and Base. On the Solana network, we added many popular meme tokens that you can take advantage of, so don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Explore a variety of tokens easily on Nusa Swap.

  • 175 USDT + 300 NUSA for profit-sharing on the Governance Program
  • 1,000,000 IDRX reward for the Telegroup Chat Event
  • 1,150,000 IDRX in prizes for the Nusa Finance & IDRX roadshow event in Yogyakarta
  • 800,000 IDRX in prizes for the Nusa Finance & IDRX roadshow event in Bandung

Nusa Finance has expanded its reach by adding the Base network to the Nusa Swap feature. Now, Nusantarians can explore various exciting crypto tokens on the Base network.

Try the Base network now!

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