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Lyfe Gold (LGOLD) is the first digital asset from Indonesia that is supported by gold commodities. It can be exchanged to Fiat according to physical gold price or even exchanged to certified gold bars directly. Lyfe Gold is part of the Lyfe program, backed up by physical assets or commodities to complete the market-based Lyfe Token ecosystem.

For every token sold on the market, one gram of physical gold is secured in the partner custodian of Lyfe Gold. The price of 1 LGOLD token is equivalent to 1 gram of gold based on pure gold, the reference price corresponds to a purity of 24 carats. Therefore, the price of the token will move itself according to the movement of the physical gold market price.

Gold has been recognized by the whole world as a safe haven asset that is protected from inflation. Yes, LGOLD is as good as gold.

This crypto is a part of the Lyfe group, an award and gamification technology company that promotes the use of decentralized blockchain technology. Lyfe has various products in the ecosystem, from market-based tokens to asset-based stable tokens.

If you want to know more about LGOLD, visit their website at the following link :

Lyfe Gold is built on ERC20 network technology and you can get LGOLD BEP20 by bridging LGOLD ERC20 token using tadpole bridge or simply buy the LGOLD BEP20 network on Indodax

If you want to save or borrow LGOLD on Tadpole Finance, click here to find out how to do saving and lending, plus you will get a good interest rate and TAD token as a reward!

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